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About Novi

Meet Novi's Roberto & Mary

Roberto Guzzo 

senior stylist • educator • Novi founder

Born in Italy and a top NYC stylist for 20 years, Roberto Guzzo is thrilled to open NOVI salon in Scarsdale. 

Roberto is a senior stylist for NYC legendary salon Bumble and bumble. Known for his brilliant hairstyling, as well as his warm and outgoing personality, Roberto is a beauty professional who believes in forming long relationships with his clients.

Roberto joined Bumble in 2005. Inspired by Bumble's rigorous training, he quickly graduated from apprentice to full time stylist, working on the salon's legendary floor, mastering Bb's iconic cuts and rising to the ranks of senior stylist. An expert at applying Bumble's razor cut create soft texture, as well defining strong lines with scissors, Roberto blends hair with a natural precision that brings out its essential expression. 

Early in his career Roberto was invited to teach at Bumble and bumble.University where he continues to give monthly classes despite his busy schedule. For Roberto 'to teach is to learn' and he finds interpreting trends through his experience vital in growing as a stylist. Roberto also styled hair for Bumble for New York Fashion Week during the 2005 - 2007 Fall and Spring seasons,  an intense experience that established his ability to focus on the craft of giving the best cut.

Keeping clients beautiful has been Roberto's driving commitment throughout his career. Although he works in NYC, Roberto has maintained his Westchester clients since his start there in 2004. Roberto's love and loyalty is the reason why he took the leap to realize his long time dream of opening NOVI.

Mary Guzzo

Colorist   Novi co-founder 

Born and raised in Italy, in 2015 Mary moved to New York to join her husband, Roberto. Together they shared a passion for making people beautiful and worked towards realizing the dream of owning their own salon. Like Roberto, Mary loves the social aspect of her craft. She believes in forming a bond with her clients, that it is important to understand expectations and consider lifestyle when choosing the best color regime.


Before opening NOVI, Mary worked for two prestigious Madison Ave salons, Warren Tricomi and Rossano Ferretti. Mary also believes in the importance of polishing her skills and regularly attends classes on advanced coloring in New York City.

Bri Muranelli

Colorist  • Stylist

Bri is dedicated to making all things hair and beauty easy and effortless. A cosmetologist of 5 years, she has experience in blowouts, razor & shear haircuts of every kind, men's barbering and creative color.

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