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introducing novi

  • NOVI releases hair's expression with expert precision.
  • NOVI believes in cuts that are sophisticated and relaxed.
  • NOVI creates color that gives a bright, confident look.

With 20 years of experience working as a senior stylist at NYC's legendary Bumble and bumble, Roberto Guzzo brings his vision to Westchester, realizing his life's dream of owning a salon. Using master razor and scissor techniques, Roberto's cuts transforms his clients into their best selves. Mary, Roberto's wife and NOVI partner, uses color to bring out depth and sheen. Inspired by each other, NOVI takes the salon experience to a vibrant new level.

NOVI is named after Novi Velia the medieval Italian village where Roberto and Mary were born, found each other and married. When the time came name the salon, Roberto and Mary thought NOVI, which means 'new' in Latin, expresses the classic and modern approach to hair design they promote.

Become NEW. Become NOVI.


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